Kindergarten can tie in Fairy Tales, Myths, Fables, and poetry in with their lessons.

The following link has numerous rhymes that could be used:

Kidspiration and Kerpoof could be used to demonstrate comparisons (day/night sky, bears elements, etc.) You could also have students create a voicethread for these.

Life Science

Goldilocks and the Three Bears would work well here because you can tie in the senses and this is important in this grade level. Classifying objects according to color, shape, size, etc. is a great way to tie in Math. The project here could be for the students to build a chair, a stool, a bed, etc. that would stand up to the weight of the bears. The students could bring in their bears and measure them. The results could be graphed. Teachers can give students different materials to build their items with (popsicle sticks, etc.) Positional terms also tie in nicely here.

Heredity and basic features are also part of the 2nd nine weeks. Baby bear attributes could be used here. Jack and the Beanstalk also brings in the growth and change of plants. Could plant seeds in different shaped containers. The following site has activities that would tie in with this lesson:

Students could describe the Giant's house using their geometric shapes. They could use blocks or other household objects. They could also identify objects that would be in the house and which objects Jack could hide behind. Kidspiration has a 'house' activity that students can put furniture into.

Earth Science

Humpty Dumpty could work here. Students could build a wall out of different matter and focus on knocking different eggs off the wall. Wall could be on moat with water. Does egg break? Also height of wall. You could use patterns to determine the number of blocks the wall will go up. Time to the hour and calendar could be tied in here. How long did he sit on the wall? Ordinal numbers could be included here. What you did first, second, etc. The engineering product will be to build a wall. Could tie money in to this via word problems. (How much do the eggs cost? etc.) Exploring different ways objects move- can you blow the egg off the wall? Will it fall straight or zig-zag? The following link has activities for this lesson:

Physical Science

Man-made materials could be tied in with the building of the wall (0007.7.1 and 0007.7.2) in the above unit.

Chicken Little- (the sky is falling)- If the sky were falling, what would fall out of it? During the day it would be the sun and at night the moon and stars. The following link contains the story-

Project could be to build a night and daytime diorama. You should include whether or not water would evaporate in each of these dioramas. Teachers could write story problems with the stars or other objects in their diorama. Students need to know that the sky will not fall but shooting stars can, etc.

We will need to refer to extensions in Delta kits to add to these lessons.